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Here's a Florida sailfish jumping near the boat.Sailfish and kingfish, are the most sought after game fish on our coast. Their popularity among local fishermen was one of the reason's Capt. Tom choose the name, "Sail King" Sport Fishing Charters. Of the two top species in our area, sailfish are undisputedly number one.

It's no secret the waters off Palm Beach and Jupiter are known as "Sailfish Alley". Anglers from all over the world come here in pursuit of trophy sailfish. Whether kite fishing, trolling or drift fishing; sailfish are a likely catch. While winter is considered "peak season", during the summer months, large the influx of baitfish such as goggle eye, blue runner, spanish sardine, cigar minnow, threadfin herring, and pilchards reside along the beach and will attract and hold sailfish throughout the season.

Drifting with live bait is the most popular and effective method of catching sails and kings. The use of kites and flat lines and downriggers allows Capt. Tom to cover more water and expose his baits to as many fish as possible Live chumming with pilchards brings fish close to the boat and affords anglers the opportunity to pursue sailfish with fly gear if so desired.



Dolphin, wahoo, bonito, blackfin tuna and sailfish, marlin are all pelagic species that cruise the open ocean. Their migratory patterns and ocean conditions dictate that at times they be easily accessible for those who wish to challenge the angling skills offshore.

Offshore out of Jupiter inlet generally means 4-6 miles from shore. As you go south to Palm Beach and Boynton and Boca Raton inlets it'll average 2-4 miles. That's not say that a 10-15 mile run offshore is out of the question. Sea conditions and fish location will determine the game plan. An average day we fish no more than 4-8 miles offshore.



Here's a bull shark approachs the boat.If targeting shark is your passion, Capt. Tom is experienced at catch and release shark fishing. Generally encountered by chance when fishing for the "glamour" species, a variety of sharks can be caught close to shore. Aggressive sharks will at times follow a hooked fish to the surface, at which time a large baitfish will be sent out on appropriate tackle and rarely gets ignored.

At times vast schools of spinner shark will take up residence along the beaches. Capt. Tom has had a local news helicopter notify him that he observed what looked to 500-700 sharks along the beaches off Singer Island.

"Spinners" get there name from the high jumps and violent spins they do in the air. Typically shy sharks, once located, Capt. Tom will anchor the boat, cut the motors the use chum to put the sharks in the feeding mood and attract them closer to the boat.

The action takes place so close to shore that many anglers have had beach-goers scurrying and then cheer them on as the shark would jump and "shake their thang" in the air a mere fifty yards from shore. At times the anchor must be pulled and store enabling Capt. Tom to chase down the fish so the angler doesn't get "spooled". All sharks are released unharmed. Also, I don't recommend chumming for sharks near crowded beaches. I will set out to locate secluded areas for this type of fishing.



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