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Late Summer Sailfish off Palm Beach and Jupiter!

Report Date: September 15, 2007

Offshore fishing in Jupiter has been decent the last week or so. Good catches continue, but not as consistent as mid-summer. Wahoo fishing is still holding up. Live bait, dead bait and trolling has taken many. The back side of the full moon seems like the best time target them.

Sailfish are still here and always a good bet.

Kingfishing has been good in some locations and slow in others. A good place to start would be in100 feet off the Juno Pier. Drift north towards Jupiter inlet, if that doesnít work try in 70-90 feet off the Loran tower north of Jupiter. Bonito have all but left our area, but a few remain. Iím starting to miss them already. Cobia have showed up unexpectedly on several occasions when drift fishing. Keep a rod rigged with a bright colored jig, should one show up you can cast right to him. While most dolphin being caught recently are very small, larger fish will start migrating south. After the first noríeaster sailfish and dolphin fishing should start to pick up. I love using live mullet this time of year. They usually swim on the surface and cause a great deal of commotion before they get gobbled up. Snook season will open Sept 1st open and the inlets are jammed with boats after them. The key is to find them and then keep up with the school. Live chumming will almost always get their attention. Small sardines and pilchards are all over the beach, get in close and cast net them. Iíve been seeing a lot of finger mullet inside then inlet and around local dock and bridges. Once they start heading along the beaches, tarpon, snook, jacks, sharks, bluefish and mackerel will be in there with them. Keep an eye out pelicans diving.

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