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Jack Attack!

Report Date: December 8, 2006

Rough seas have shut down our efforts to cash in the hot sailfish bite offshore West Palm Beach. The weather has hurt us for nearly ten days and counting, but there is still fishing to be done.

Fishing Palm Beach Inlet has been the fix for our fishing "jones". Large Jack Crevalle have been marauding the inlet for the last two weeks. At times thousands of jacks could be seen blitzing bait on the surface. Throw a top-water plug in the melee and watch as 10 or more of the aggressive game fish compete to destroy your offering. We used a more subdued but equally effective method of catching them.

1 to 2 oz. bucktail jigs in various colors dropped to the bottom and then jigged up and down is a deadly effective way to target these fish. After 3 or 4 sweeps of the rod, let the jig fall back to the bottom and continue the jigging action. Once the lure gets too far out, reel in and start again. While employing this technique we've encountered bluefish, Spanish mackerel, grouper and an occasional tarpon. Chrome diamond jigs to 2ozs. work just as well.

For tackle, a med-lite spinning or casting outfit is all that is needed to fish Palm Beach Inlet. 8-15lbs line is perfect, but I recommend 12lbs. test. Braided line is acceptable as well. While most jacks are under 10lbs. the strong current and relatively heavy boat traffic requires you to put some pressure on the fish to get them under control and one never knows when a 20-30lbs. jack will crash the party.

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